Xero TaxTouch


Xero TaxTouch

Create a mobile customer experience to help log and track business expenses.

In collaboration with Weightshift
Spring 2016

App Store Feature APP STORE FEATURE • APRIL 2016

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Xero is principled in design. Every feature, every experience, and every single interaction is poured over until we get it right. Finding the right partners that adhere to the same principles was a necessity for us. Overcommitted & Weightshift have delivered. It's been a great experience working with them and the result is beautiful.

Jamie Sutherland

Jamie Sutherland

GM, US Products & Solutions

We went to Overcommmitted with tough problems, dispersed teams, and a tight timeline. Not only were they not too phased, they proved to be the ultimate pros. They were downright ace to work with and produced great work.

Andy Hovey

Andy Hovey

Head of Design

Swipe and save.

We worked with Xero to provide an effortless way for users to categorize expenses. After several experiments it became clear that swiping transaction cards would lead the way to ease. Personal to the left, business to the right—it’s our new version of the mullet.

Xero Swipe

Reading reports has never been easier.

Getting a grasp on where your money is going is tricky, introduce business expenses to the mix and it can get out of hand. At the end of the day users wanted to know two things, how much money am I taking home and how much do I owe Uncle Sam. Providing a readable report view gives you just what you need.

Xero Report

Simplifying the Schedule C.

No one likes filing taxes. Using Xero TaxTouch pays off in a big way when it comes to filing your taxes. With the touch of a button users get a nicely formatted PDF for their schedule C filing. No calculators or text boxes—one button.

Xero Scheduale C

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