SourceView Bible

SourceView Bible

SourceView Bible

An unprecedented Bible discovery experience

Available for iOS and Android
Fall 2016

Overcommitted exceeded expectations, put in extra hours, owned the project as if it were their very own and gave us their very best. Their generous work ethic was matched only by their stellar development skills and their relational integrity.

David Joel Hamilton

David Joel Hamilton

SourceView, Co-Founder

A rich new dataset

In order to create a new platform for Biblical discovery a new set of data had to be created.

16 million

observational data points

40,000 hours

research and development

200 researchers

across 40 countries

Data Data Data

Find and explore the
1,747 sources of the Bible

With SourceView people can explore the many sources of the Bible like an addressbook. Taping on a source reveals access to meta-data that was previously not possible:

Most used words



Time Period


Books they participate in

Who they spoke to

Who spoke to them


Read the story of
the Bible like never before

The Bible is a story of people and how they interacted with God and each other. SourceView allows readers to see the story in context of people.


I can't recommend the Overcommitted team more highly to anyone looking for a design partner who exceeds expectations and whose speed to market, at the same time, leaves no compromise in design and flawless functionality.

Bob Norsworthy

Bob Norsworthy

SourceView, Co-Founder

Spheres Spheres

Observe how the Bible can shape
a person's worldview

Society is shaped by seven spheres of influence. With the SphereView spheres people are able to make observations about how Scripture can be used to shape a Biblical worldview.

Create and share observations through Discovery Center

Discovery Center allows people to ask questions they were never able to before. As insights are revealed they can dig deeper and share them with the world around them.

Discovery Center

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