Mileage Log+


Mileage Log+

Delivering the best user experience in tracking mileage using predictive input and cloud synced data.

Fall 2013

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Working with Overcommitted is an absolute pleasure. Harold and Jonathan are incredibly talented and conscientious. My only hesitation in recommending them is that I want them working on my projects, not yours.

David Barnard

David Barnard

Founder of Contrast

Never forget another trip.

There’s a lot of benefit to tracking your business, medical or charity trips, but the reality is most of the time it’s cumbersome and hard to remember. With Mileage Log+ we helped to create a light-weight method to keep track of those trips. Using predictive input, auto-entry and calculation users are able to efficiently enter their trip data.


Keep track of frequent trips.

Most business trips happen more than once, with frequent trips we give users a quick way with a single tap to add that frequent trip into the log. No extra typing or calculating—one tap does it all.


Calculate automatically.

Most trips aren’t captured because people don’t like calculating their mileage. Mileage Log+ does all the calculations for you. You enter a start and end location and Mileage Log+ presents you with the route and the miles that it took to get there. If it was a round trip we have you covered with a flip of a toggle. Never do math again.


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