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to building apps that
people love to use.

We aim to delight.

We started our company with one overarching commitment: to delight people with applications that inspire, engage, and amaze. We remain relentless in this pursuit and we measure our performance against that original commitment every day. From exceptional content, to beautiful design, elegant interaction, and seamless web services integration—we focus from start to finish on the details that matter, and to us: all of the details matter.

People we’ve worked with.

Without hesitation, we credit every success in our emerging history to the people who have engaged, trusted, and enabled us to deliver excellent products that exceed expectations and drive business value. We view each project as a new opportunity to establish long-term relationships, and we’re eternally thankful for these people and their invaluable perspectives about what makes an exceptional mobile product. This is how we grow and we’re proud to say, these are our clients.

People we work with

In it for the long haul.

Overcommitted is a small team with big vision. We founded our company in January 2009 with the goal to create iOS applications that people love. We achieve this with a focus on exceptional content, technical innovation, and exquisitely crafted mobile experiences. Our clients span a broad range of industries; from biotech, consumer goods and consumer web; to education and software technology. We work smart, we look forward, we pay attention, and we love what we do. This is our craft and we’re in it for the long haul.

Our commitment to listening, learning, and amazing.

Our priority is to produce amazing experiences, and we start the clock on the experience factor from day one—with careful analysis of requirements and objectives, concise explanation of process and outcomes, and ongoing exchange of ideas that inspire innovation and expose the potential for amazing. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are extremely good listeners, and we’re consistently impressed by the advantages we gain in transparent collaboration with our clients. All of this leads to deeper understanding of the customers and markets they serve and the challenges we need to address. We integrate these insights with proven strategies and best-practices for user experience design and application development, and this becomes our differentiator: amazing experiences, invested in the process and fulfilled in our products.

Jonathan Younger

Jonathan Younger Co-Founder, Head of Development

Jonathan brings deep knowledge from his experience as a software developer in the biotech, life science, and publishing industries. As Lead Developer at Overcommitted, Jonathan is responsible for technical architecture design, database design and development, API integration, and iOS development. Jonathan’s technology expertise includes Objective-C, Ruby, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Web Services, and REST architectures.

Jonathan Younger

Harold Emsheimer Co-Founder, Head of Design

Harold has invested the majority of his career leading creative and interactive teams across a broad range of industries including education, retail, life science, and traditional media. In his role as UI Designer at Overcommitted, Harold provides overall creative direction, interface and interaction design, and information architecture for mobile and Web application development.

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