You need to track your time, but it’s the last thing you want to think about. Tictoc is the simple solution to your time tracking needs. It sits in your menubar ready when you need it.


What people have said about tictoc

TicToc is a great little utility that helps you keep track of the amount of time you dedicate to your tasks.

Tictoc is a very simple app that focuses on thing – time tracking
and it does so very well.
App Storm

Tictoc is a simple and elegant little app for keeping track of your time. Clean UI, unobtrusive, and sane export options. Looks to have all of the features one needs and none of what you don’t.
Minimal Mac

New in 2.0

  • Refined user interface to take better advantage of Lion.
  • Better support for editing tasks and session data.
  • Run multiple task timers at one time.
  • Full keyboard support added to almost every function.
  • Individual sessions can now have notes ttached to them.

Additional Features

  • Export to XML and CSV for selected tasks
  • Option to show task name in menubar
  • AppleScript support
  • Specify idle times for each task